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life's no fun without a good scare,
that's our job but we're not mean
in our town of Halloween

*hums the rest of 'This is Halloween' from the Nightmare Before Christmas*

Happy Halloween!!! ♥ 

And I get to go home today! YAY!

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The haunt started out slow, but good. For a first time haunted house with little advertising, I am impressed. In two nights we had over 300 paying customers and approximately 100 of the free tickets came back to us. No too bad. This weekend should be MUCH better. *bounces*

The only problem is that I am zonked. Completely wasted. I had forgotten how hard it is to work 8 hours a day and then go work at the haunt for 6 until 1:30 in the morning. Followed by food and bed, of course, so in bed around 2 or 2:30. This will take some adjusting. 

I bought pumpkins to carve today. *is excited* Jack-o-lanterns are the epitomy of the Halloween season (and since it's October I can honestly say that it is Halloween time, now. *sticks out tongue*) I need to buy candy corn and haul out some spider candy dishes, in addition to all of the other holiday stuff I still have to do. 

I am debating on whether or not to haul out the Halloween molds and recipes. It sucks not having a place of my own, but at least I can maybe throw a small party for the kids. Maybe a little afternoon party for the niece & nephew.  Something to break the monotony of their week. I could let them invite friends from school. Yes. I think it will work. It's a school night, which sucks, but I think the haunt crew is going to get together for a party that night. Party for the kids in the afternoon. Party for the adults at night. Life is good. 

Anyone want to come and be scared? The haunt is always happy to oblige. bwahahaha!!
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Oh, my wonderful internets. How I adore thee. You alloweth me to read yummy gay porn and chat. You keepeth me warm at night (if I had you at night.... *sulks*).

Okay. That's done now. ^__^

Well, guess what? HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!! YAY! This Halloween will be strange (more than usual). I am going to be working a second job. Who knew, right? Well, Clay and I both will be working his brother-in-law's haunted house. It's going to be awesome! 

Everyone check it out here! Will be so much fun! Anyone going to be close in October? Come see us! The whole slaughter house idea is a blast for me. The building alone is terribly creepy. I love it! ^__^

There will be a section for the kiddies, too, so the parents can be scared shitless while the little ones hear stories and play games. SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait. 

I will be the equivalent of a zombie afterwards due to working from 8-5 at one job and 6-2 at another on Fridays and then from 6-2 on Saturdays and Sundays, but I shall enjoy it at the time. haha

And, random - Apples are yummy. Especially pretty Pink Lady apples. They make my acid reflux better. ^__^ 
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Never thought I would fall in love with Labor Day... I was wrong!! XD I have truly come to realize the blessing that even a single day off of work can be... after working all weekend, getting Monday off is a miraculous wonderous thing!! XD

Now, if only my next day off wasn't until Thanksgiving... *sighs & shrugs* Oh, well... maybe I'll take time off for Halloween for the party I'm throwing... yes, that's what I'll do. ^__^

You know... listening to "Halloween: Resurrection" is terrible for my attitude. I wish I had a bigger place so that the den & the living room weren't one big room... then I wouldn't have to listen to Clay watch his stupid movies in the background. Plus, he makes me turn off my music when he wants to watch TV... *grumble grumble* Oh, well. At least he takes his drug test Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m., and is supposed to fill out paperwork on Wednesday or Thursday, so hopefully he'll start working in about 2 weeks. *crosses fingers*

I can't wait for Halloween. It's like my Christmas. We throw a big party for all the family & friends and I usually end up spending around 2 days cooking for it. I am so excited. I have so many ideas for meals and desserts. Plus, I got the cutest cupcake stand and I'm going to make spooky cupcakes to go on it. Last year, I spent around $300 at Hallmark picking up the cutest Halloween serving dishes and decorations. *squee* Can't wait. If anyone has any suggestions or cute ideas... let me know. I am preparing early this year so that I can do tons more than usual!! *bounces in excitement* I'm already trying to narrow down the recipes I'm going to make and the decorations I'm going to use. We have already started clearing out the excess stuff in the apartment to make room for decorations, etc. It will look truly naked (at least to me) in October when I have put my microwave and all my excess kitchen appliances, the second computer, all the "junk" that normally sits around on bookshelves, etc and everything else in boxes or storage for Halloween. But, the large amount of black and orange and all the spider webs, cauldrons, pumpkins, etc, will look so cool!

I wonder what my kitties will think when I try to force them into little witche's hats or something... hmm... might want to save my skin and not.. *grins* (Well, in my defence, they do have nice Halloween-y names - Dante & Damien... yes, he is named after The Omen... hee hee).

Later 'gaters!!  Everyone enjoy their day off!!
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