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The haunt started out slow, but good. For a first time haunted house with little advertising, I am impressed. In two nights we had over 300 paying customers and approximately 100 of the free tickets came back to us. No too bad. This weekend should be MUCH better. *bounces*

The only problem is that I am zonked. Completely wasted. I had forgotten how hard it is to work 8 hours a day and then go work at the haunt for 6 until 1:30 in the morning. Followed by food and bed, of course, so in bed around 2 or 2:30. This will take some adjusting. 

I bought pumpkins to carve today. *is excited* Jack-o-lanterns are the epitomy of the Halloween season (and since it's October I can honestly say that it is Halloween time, now. *sticks out tongue*) I need to buy candy corn and haul out some spider candy dishes, in addition to all of the other holiday stuff I still have to do. 

I am debating on whether or not to haul out the Halloween molds and recipes. It sucks not having a place of my own, but at least I can maybe throw a small party for the kids. Maybe a little afternoon party for the niece & nephew.  Something to break the monotony of their week. I could let them invite friends from school. Yes. I think it will work. It's a school night, which sucks, but I think the haunt crew is going to get together for a party that night. Party for the kids in the afternoon. Party for the adults at night. Life is good. 

Anyone want to come and be scared? The haunt is always happy to oblige. bwahahaha!!
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Oh, my wonderful internets. How I adore thee. You alloweth me to read yummy gay porn and chat. You keepeth me warm at night (if I had you at night.... *sulks*).

Okay. That's done now. ^__^

Well, guess what? HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!! YAY! This Halloween will be strange (more than usual). I am going to be working a second job. Who knew, right? Well, Clay and I both will be working his brother-in-law's haunted house. It's going to be awesome! 

Everyone check it out here! Will be so much fun! Anyone going to be close in October? Come see us! The whole slaughter house idea is a blast for me. The building alone is terribly creepy. I love it! ^__^

There will be a section for the kiddies, too, so the parents can be scared shitless while the little ones hear stories and play games. SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait. 

I will be the equivalent of a zombie afterwards due to working from 8-5 at one job and 6-2 at another on Fridays and then from 6-2 on Saturdays and Sundays, but I shall enjoy it at the time. haha

And, random - Apples are yummy. Especially pretty Pink Lady apples. They make my acid reflux better. ^__^ 
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I am sneaky, sneaky and am posting from work... while I ignore the hours worth of work on my desk and in my inbox and in my drawer. hehe!! ^_^

Well, as most of you have noticed, I'm not going to be around as much. No internet at home is EVIL. Damn living in the country and not having cable or dsl. I am in MISERY. Good news is that Clay's folks are considering getting satellite for internet. *crosses fingers*

Well, email me if you need me or call my cell. 

I miss talking to everyone, so hopefully this will be resolved SOON! <3

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Photo intensive. Lots of random pictures. XD Yes. I know. I finally managed to post some photos. You may all faint in shock now. haha

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I have been completely useless this week. I have discovered, to my dismay, that without my boss around, I really have very little to do except file. This is a VERY bad thing as I get bored VERY easily. My mind wonders. I find myself doing NOTHING. This is why I have 400,000 different projects started at the same time. XD

And then you know what happens today? I wake up feeling almost human (damn allergies) and I realize that it's 8:00. I am supposed to be at work at 8:00. O_O Thank the powers that be that I can dress quickly. throw on some eye makeup and run to work in a HURRY. Sometimes I think I was male in a past life. haha

And what have I accomplished today at work? Nothing. Not a bloody thing. But, I'm up to date on the news and have wasted another day of my life. *headdesk* Maybe I should try to rectify that with the last hour and a half? Maybe... Possibly... Nah. I'd rather read fanfic. ^__^

Does anyone else ever feel like this? I do. Most days. LOL
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I'm off. I shall return sometime on Saturday, so internet on Sunday. If I manage to find internet connection, I will be online sooner, but no promises.

Take care and I promise to play catch up ASAP.

Hugs and kisses to all!

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All is well in Whoville. ^__^ Mara arrived just fine, if a bit exhausted. Can't imagine why, the bus ride was only 26 hours... XDDD

Apartment is still a disaster. *whines* Must clean. *glares at piles of junk* I think I'm ready to eliminate a large amount of shit. One good thing about getting a roomie... encourages downsizing. 

Hope all is well in f-list-land. Sleep well little buddies! *smooches f-list*

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Today was fun. Time for me with no hubby involved. XDD Drove 45 minutes to Plano... well, it should take 45 mins, but at 85 mph, it only takes 30... heh *sweatdrop*

Went to Collin Creek Mall and goofed around for a while. Visited Borders & bought a cool FMA shirt & Vol 1 of Death Note. Wanted to buy Angel Sanctuary, but they were sold out. *whines*

Went to Hot Topic & bought a Zelda shirt & some cool FMA pins. Bought a zodiac mug at Earthbound Trading Co and some incense. Clay hates it, but *shrugs* I didn't ask him. ^__^

Got flirted with by a really sweet kid. Maybe 18... if he was lucky. hehe Felt really bad for him. So shy. Painfully, really. Kinda cute, but WAY too young for me. (Not to mention the fact that I'm MARRIED, which he didn't seem to understand from the wedding & engagement rings...)

Grocery shopping & more ambling through stores then home. 

After all of that, Clay talked me into going to the movies with him. Saw '300'. VERY good. Gory, but good. Stuck very close to the true story of Thermopylae. Very heartwrenching. And full of half naked GORGEOUS men. Yummy. Definitely a rec if you have a strong constitution for flying body parts.

Mmm... Sleep. Sleep is good. Evil Daylight Savings Time. Must kill inventor... *plots torture methods*
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Migraine. Some birthday present. Ugh. Kill me. Please. Have been up since 2 AM suffering with this mother fucking headache. Took meds. Not helping. Was 1 1/2 hrs late to work because I couldn't see to drive. Good news is that they were REALLY nice and understanding about the whole thing. *loves on job*

Husband = love. ^__^ Well, for now at least. hehe Why? you ask? I'll tell you why...

For my birthday, he bought me a sapphire earring/necklace set. It's pretty, but not the reason for the lovin'.

The real reason for the lovin'... he let me buy this and this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, yes... they are as pretty and sparkly in real life as they are on the internet!!!!!! AND, they come with a free poster. It's all

[ profile] sky_dark's fault, I tell you. If she didn't tease with the Crack Theatre I might not have wanted them quite as badly... needless to say, they came home with me. XDDDD

Much lovin' on [ profile] zakai_, [ profile] transephera, and [personal profile] fullmetalrose as they gave me very wonderful birthday gifts. Love you all! ^__^

Unfortunately, work calls. *ignores work in favor of checking f-list*

Day... go by quickly, please? I really want you to be over, now. *sulks while thinking about her nice, cool, dark bedroom with fluffy pillows and Ed and Al dolls*



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*snuggles [ profile] zakai* Luv ya, sweetie. The card was wonderful. Brought much happiness.

Can honestly say this is the first birthday that I’ve received gifts/cards BEFORE the actual event. Surprising, really. Mom made me a cake (with characters from ‘Cars’ because she thought they were cute… O_o) and gave me gifts. Pretty FMA art she drew, yummy candle, pastels & a table top art easel so that I can start drawing/painting again… been too long since I sketched anything. Maybe will attempt this weekend to find my muses…

Work is sending me on a business trip in either April or May… hoping for May. Would take place the Thursday and Friday before Memorial Day weekend. 5 day holiday would be nice. San Antonio. Too many years since I visited. Could go to Sea World or the Alamo. Margaritas on the River Walk. *is happy* Must convince boss that May is the month to go.

Went to see ‘Freedom Writers.’ Is good story about the nation-wide group that helps inner-city kids by having them write about their lives as therapy. Nice to have a dollar cinema again. Definitely missed that.

Work day is almost over – time to go home. Will make chamomile tea and read a book. Must decide what to read. Much too long since I had a nice long soak. May do that as well.
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Today is not going well. I'm ready for it to be OVER. DONE. FINISHED. >:EEEEEEEEEE

Woke up to no electricity. AND to improve on that... NO WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?

So. At 7:05 (have to be at work at 8:00 and it's a 12 min. drive), the water & power comes back on. Have to take a cold shower since the hot water heater is electric. The water is brown (which tells me a water main burst somewhere & they had to flush the lines). 

Not happy am I. Not happy at all.

Work was very understanding when I was 10 minutes late. I think I did good to make it at all. Boss is at a funeral, so am able to play catch up on LJ and take some cool down time now. 

Drink DP. It'll be okay. After I kill someone. XDDDD
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The week is slowly drawing to a close. And, for that, we thank whatever deity happens to be listening. >_<

This has been one of those weeks. Lots of shit at work going wrong (not with my job, love my job, but we work with politicians... need I say more? O_o)

However... the salt overload thing? Found out that it was more than just too much salt. *sigh* Turns out my thyroid went wonky again. The whole swelling thing (MY ANKLE IS STILL MIA!! IF YOU FIND IT, SEND IT HOME!! O_O) is one of the more rare side effects of hypothyroidism. Lovely. Just freaking lovely. So, now I'm on more meds for it. Doc says the swelling should go down in a week or two. WTF? I need it gone NOW!!!!! *sulks* Oh, well. Can't have everything, I guess.

And, now *yawns* off to shower for work. Would rather sleep, but apparently that's the thyroid talking again...
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Ugh. Well, after surviving yesterday, I made the mistake of eating jambalaya for dinner. Apparently, it had a TON of salt in it (can't think of what else I've eaten recently that could contain that much salt), so last night my body decided to perform the great expanding act and swell like a damned balloon. *groans and looks at missing ankles* 

Drank much water, feel somewhat better, but still swollen and lethargic. Damn. Gonna have to watch my sodium intake levels for a while. *sigh* But, I likes my chips and pickles and french fries and... you get the idea. *whines*

Oh, well... eat the foods I like and waddle around like the Goodyear Blimp or give them up for a while and let my body recover and shrink to its normal size... I think I'll go with Door #2. 
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Damn! It's seriously cold here. And, just when they said it was going to warm up. It was supposed to be 60* today. Instead... 19*. WTF? O_O How can they get that wrong? *rolls eyes* They (the weather forecasters) are idiots. That's all I have to say.

In other news, off to work. Boss is having a meeting with several big-wigs, so must look extra nice. *grumbles at uncomfortable shoes, but gets over it because they're really cute*

Good luck guys and have a great day! IT"S FRIDAY!!!!!! Enjoy it!!!! It's slack day, baby!!! Slack off all you want!! XDDDDDDD

*runs out the door freezing her tail-feathers off*
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I survived week one! Hooray! Gainfully employed for one full week! Yay! *throws confetti and hands out glasses of champagne*

Laundry is finished, dinner is in the oven, dishes are washed, cats are bathed, stories to be beta-ed are completed... been very productive! Even went grocery shopping! 

Now, to eat dinner, sit and relax with a cup of tea and read a book. Maybe watch some 'Gunslinger Girl'. Hmm. Yes. Good way to end an evening. ^__^
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The amazing has happened. I actually have good news to report!!! Yes, I know. Completely OOC for me. hehe

CLAY HAS A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. You heard right. He is employed. He should start next Friday. Miracles do happen, apparently. 

Unfortunately, I am still unemployed, but have 2 more interviews next week.

Slowly, but surely I shall work my way out of this mountain of debt that has accumulated from the last month. (Scary how much it runs up so quickly.) My mother-in-law will be pleased - she won't have to shell out as much money now. Her son. He made the choice to quit his last job, so I felt she should have to suffer the consequences of her offspring's bad choices just like I do. Yes, I am a bitch. ^__^ 

Mmmmm.... green tea and husband out of house makes for a very nice afternoon.
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It's not holidays without family angst and rants. *grins*

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Well. I have another interview at 10:00. Here's hoping that this one goes better than the last ones have. *sigh* I hate job hunting...

Edit: Blah. They want me to work lots of hours, no benefits, and low pay. *groans* I seem to be attracting these jobs lately. Oh, well. Maybe they'll offer more money. *crosses fingers* And, I have another interview tomorrow with a different company. And, so goes the search for employment.
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Hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much!!! XD
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